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Ami* Curiae is the gender inclusive version of Amicus Curiae.

Amicus Curiae is a legal principle which defines a person who is neither a lawyer nor a judge but rather someone who participates in a legal process because of having a deeper knowledge of the subject and a special interest in the outcome of a case. Our philosophy is to act as such person, by facilitating a social space where this deeper knowledge can be collectively developed in order to advocate our rights as differently excluded people.

Ami* Curiae Project Space is a resource center with various facilities where working groups, networks and initiatives come together to independently realize their programs with the common goal of putting into practice the principles of equality and equal access to society for those who are excluded because of their legal status.

This independent project space has been established by the NBBR Network to sustain its programs (NoBorderCampBerlinReloaded: http://nobordercampberlinreloaded.blogsport.eu/). Please note that people involved in NBBR & the Non-Discrimination Working Group are regularly present in certain rooms of the facility.

Equal access to society means access to education, political engagement, meaningful work, health and accommodation. Legal status refers to both exclusion through discrimination because of gender, race, ability, financial status etc. and to exclusion through being denied basic rights on the basis of residency (Aufenthalt).

Ami* Curiae project spaces are run on a self-organized basis and are funded only by independent, voluntary donations. No funding applications are made in the name of Ami* Curiae, likewise NBBR.